As they say on Marketplace, let’s do the numbers.

1. Degree earned. My PhD was officially awarded in January of this year.

2. Conferences attended. Music Theory Southeast (at Kennesaw State, in March) and AMS/SMT in Vancouver.

4. Countries visited. Canada (see above), plus a European adventure with Carolyn in June, featuring Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

20. Books read. See them all here.

~35. Complete listens of one of the Schubert song cycles.

50.2. Longest bike ride of the year, in miles. See it here.

53. Individual students taught.

~250. Podcasts listened to. (A very rough guess.)

366. New York Times daily crossword completions. (And I only blatantly cheated on one, when I flew to Germany and almost broke my streak.)

~1000. Papers graded. I really don’t want to know this actual number.

1455. Miles on the bicycle. (This figure is probably low.) That’s over about 116 hours, and with a total elevation gain of roughly 2 Mt. Everests.

2016 was a pretty lousy year in a lot of respects, but here’s to a new one.

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