I’m taking a Perl development job at Pobox, and joining the Perl community after a long time lurking in the shadows. Details after the jump.

Who am I?

(If you’re a music theorist or some other kind of academic, you might find this other post about leaving academia more interesting.)

My name is Michael McClimon; my education is all in music theory but I’ve been programming as a hobby and side job since graduate school. Perl is my first love when it comes to programming languages: I first learned it in grad school as a way of getting out of taking French.1 I’ve been involved with programming on the side in a handful of music-related projects: I’ve done things for Music Theory Online, the Society for Music Theory, Indiana University’s Center for the History of Music Theory and Literature, and a handful of other things too.

I’ve spent the last few years at my alma mater, Furman University, teaching music theory. Even still, I’ve kept an eye out for interesting programming jobs, so when the Pobox job came open at the beginning of March I jumped on it. I’m really excited, and I’m ready to dive in to a new adventure.


Pobox is an email company, and since 2015 has been a service of FastMail. It seems like most people in the tech community have at least heard of Pobox or of FastMail, and certainly people in the Perl community are familiar with them. I’ve used Pobox for my own email for years now, and recommend them at every chance I get.

When I was working in academia, I always thought that a job like Pobox was my ideal programming position: their values line up with mine, they’re a company with a real business model that has been around for longer than six months, and they use Perl. And not just that, they contribute actively to Perl development; the technical team at Pobox is headed by the former pumpking, Rik Signes (rjbs). I saw on Twitter that they’d posted a job listing, and knew I had to apply.2

Final thoughts

I’ve not really been involved with the software or Perl communities, but I’m ready to start. (All of my previous conference time has been spent with music theorists!) I’m looking forward to meeting and working with more people in the programming world, and to start this new chapter in my career. I’ll try to blog more with updates (and may occasionally post some technical content), though I make no promises. If you want to chat, I’m happy to talk! The easiest way to find me is either on Twitter (@mmcclimon), or via my email address, which is proudly hosted on Pobox!

  1. I learned Perl in 2011, which is admittedly a little strange, but honestly the O’Reilly Perl books were better than the O’Reilly Python books.
  2. I’m perhaps most thankful it was posted in March and not in October, since I can only really leave my teaching job at the end of an academic year!

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