I sort of forgot I had this blog. Well, “forgot” isn’t quite right; I knew it was still here, but had been actively ignoring it. I suspect its readership has not actually changed at all in its dormancy. It’s possible I’ll start writing it in again, though by now I suspect that fully half of all the posts are meta-commentary on the blog itself.

I started to write a list of all the things that have happened in the 16 months since I’ve written here, but that was boring to write and would certainly have been boring to read, too. So instead, I’ll use this space to tell you that JMAP has now been officially released, as RFCs 8620 (core) and 8621 (mail). I wasn’t really involved with their authorship, but my colleagues at Fastmail were, and we have all been working on implementing JMAP internally.

Maybe, as a foray back into writing a bit here, I’ll do a series of posts about what JMAP is, why we wrote it, and why we like it so much. Next time!

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