Ok, so this site is no longer hosted on GitLab Pages.

Looks at watch…looks at yesterday’s post date…

I know. But! When I was working on the site yesterday, GitLab was taking forever to actually build the site and push the content. I know this is probably a minor inconvenience that doesn’t happen often, but I’d prefer to have no inconvenience at all.

The site is now hosted on Amazon S3, with their CloudFront service to provide the SSL. (It’s not as though this site gets enough traffic to justify a global CDN.) Two articles proved invaluable in getting all of this set up, since I had never used CloudFront before: one from David Baumgold, and another from Joe Lust. Now it’s dead simple to deploy, and I don’t have to depend on another service to do the building and pushing for me.

I’ve got a support ticket open with Hover for some DNS weirdness, but hopefully that’ll be resolved soon. In the meantime, I’m pretty happy with the current setup. I’m heading to Vancouver this weekend for AMS/SMT, and I’m going to try to write a bit while I’m there (or on the long trek from East Coast to West).

If nothing else, it’s harder to mess around with DNS on airport/hotel WiFi.

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